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One of the Good Guys- Macduff Everton Interview

Something to enjoy this weekend. Macduff Everton is a fantastic photographer, a good friend, a really great guy, and one of Ed’s client’s to boot. We thought we’d share this interview from the Huffington Post we thought you’d enjoy. If you want to see “knock your socks off” travel images from one of National Geographic’s […]

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Act 2- The Obituary

No need here to recount the former glory of Sygma.  Participants in the photojournalism aspect of the industry have known for years that Sygma existed in name only.  Many trace the commencement of the demise to the acquisition of Sygma by Corbis. We note in the previous Act 1, the passing/closing/demise of Sygma as described […]

Sygma- A Story in Three Acts- Act 1

Our saga opens on a dark and stormy night (not really, it’s a sunny day in May, but we always wanted to say that ala that great mystery writer, Snoopy) with a letter from Corbis to the Sygma photographers. Sygma is being “liquidated”. ++++++++++++ Dear Corbis Contributor, We would like to inform you that Corbis […]