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Pricing- Part II – Models and Exposures

Often times an ad agency will seek to obtain a license to use a photo (or a model’s image) and describe that intended usage as, “One year, consumer print advertising”.  That seems fine and dandy but if the model’s agent or the photographer has no clue as to what publications the client is intending to […]

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Revenge By The Goose Can Be Revenge By The Gander

No topic we discuss attracts more attention than that of the need to obtain written, signed model releases. Broadly speaking, the need is motivated by the desire or need to employ the photographs in connection with the sale or promotion of any product, service, company or organization (whether a for profit enterprise or otherwise).  In […]

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Sex, Tapes and Model Releases

We’ve heard and written about numerous and never ending excuses from infringers. One of the most common responses we heard goes like this: “We made no money” or “We didn’t charge any money”. The following is a current, real life court case that shows that it doesn’t matter that money didn’t change hands. New York […]

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Don’t Look For the Model Union Label Soon

We recently had a question in comments as to why models haven’t unionized. Ed response was such that we thought it best to post it here rather than in comments. So here is Ed’s response regarding the issues of models unionizing.  These are a just few reasons why it has never really happened is not […]

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