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Great News! $27,000 Payday

We seem to be posting a lot of hard stories and it’s great to post an uplifting story today.  It’s about a photographer who negotiated and got a $27,000 payday for one of his wedding photos.  It was first reported to be $18,000, but photographer/blogger John Mireles who first broke this story (read here) later […]

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People Shot, Civilians Shoot, Vultures Swarm

There was a terrible workplace shooting today in New York City, near the iconic Empire State building. Within minutes, people who were nearby and witnessing some of the carnage immediately posted images and videos shot on their ever-present smart phones. Within minutes of the images being uploaded, various new organizations were contacting the people who […]

Where Do Your Stock Photos Live When You Die?

Jack here. Ed just posted to wonderful comments on a great industry blog, A Photo Editor, regarding the recent sale of Getty Images for $3.3 Billion dollars. I thought it would be good to post and share it here, along with any comments our readers might have. Below are Ed’s comments and I quote and […]

FREE Webinar With Ed and Jack

Ed and Jack in a free live webinar this Thursday at 5pm EST, 2pm PST, sponsored by NIK. We’ll be covering a bunch of topics, from current things in the news, an overview of Copyright, and model release factoids. We’ll also have time for questions and hopefully answers to those questions. It’s free, but you […]

Giving It Away – Historical Version

Rodney King died last week. His death was in all the papers. In all the news outlets. He was of course the famous victim of what has been termed “The Most Famous Beatdown in History”.  The initial trial of the LAPD officers was front page in Southern California and in nearly all other publications both […]

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Corbis Takes Yet Another Hit

The Court of Appeals for the State of Washington has rendered a decision against Corbis to the tune of some 12.75 million dollars. Great articles here at and here at According to the Appellate Court’s opinion, in 2004 Corbis hired a company known as Infoflows to, “develop a system to track and manage […]

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Child Explotation – American Style

Sorry for the length of this article, but it’s a subject that burns our behinds. We have written numerous articles concerning the giving away of intellectual property without receiving monetary compensation a/k/a “free of charge”.  The theme of each prior post is that large media conglomerates are grabbing your intellectual property because all too many […]

Free Photos!…Not Really

The War on Photographers Continues. This is an article we ran on another blog, but it’s such a great lead-in to the blog article that we’re posting tomorrow, we thought we’d run it here again. There is a famous story of Picasso, who was sitting in a Paris café, when a fan came up to […]

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Check Please!

We write and lecture an awful lot about the importance of negotiating.  We suggest or critique, various techniques, strategies, approaches and tactics.  All of our efforts are made with good reason.  While negotiating is an important survival tool for any person, it is an indispensable skill for the people known as “creatives”. (See our upcoming […]

New Money, Same Old Excuses

If you are a professional photographer who does editorial work the odds are very high  that you spend most days doing something other than “being on assignment”. If you are, or more likely were a professional photojournalist and for some reason still believe you can support yourself try this:  click on  There you will […]