We’re at it once again,  doing our thing at B&H next Tuesday, June 30th from 4:00 to 5:00PM. This will cover various topics of interest to photographers and visual artists, including a bunch of stuff that keeps showing up in the news lately. Maybe it’s us because we look for it, but there seems to be more intellectual property and copyright issues in the news lately. We’ll cover location releases, excuses they hear from copyright infringers, what watermarks mean legally, photographing in public and “semi-public” places, what to do and more important not do when you’re infringed and many other hot topics important to creative people in this digital age. As usual, a lively Q&A at the end. Do sign up if you’re around. There will be a video going up online later, if you miss it. Here’s the link to register: http://bhpho.to/1JkcARF