We have always tried to remind our readers that copyright infringement is not without its flesh and blood victims.  Every time a photo, movie, illustration or artwork is stolen via copyright infringement someone is seriously harmed. The livelihoods and very financial existence of creators, is dependent upon the prevention of theft via downloading, scanning, copying or just “excessive inspiration”.

We have rarely seen the case made better than this simple video http://tinyurl.com/3zjyv7r, brought to our attention by our friend Rosalind Levin.

This PSA, put out by the Federal Government (ICE) makes the point in less than 2 minutes.  This spot just happens to apply to bootleg DVDs of movies.  Substitute “photograph” or “illustration” for DVD and the script and the message stay the same.

We suggest that you forward the link to those people who you think just might need a dose of reality.