We have over three plus decades repeatedly written, urged, cajoled, screamed, advised, suggested and prodded members of the photography and illustration communities to never work for free.  There isn’t an argument or rationalization against that position that we haven’t heard a hundred times.  Now someone has made many of the same arguments that we have made in a beautifully written, logical article  http://biznik.com/articles/freelancingor-working-for-free

The author is one Patty Soffer who works with a branding agency. Ms. Soffer is unknown to either of us but she makes the very same case we have made countless times in a succinct and persuasive manner.  We confess that we are jealous.   Read the article. Her logic – like ours – is unassailable.  The fact that she appears to deal with many types of businesses including but not limited to photographers makes her suggestions even more persuasive.