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1.6 Million Reasons To Pay 35$

Andrew Paul Leonard is a photographer and one of Ed’s clients.  Mr. Leonard is also an electron micrographer. Shooting through an electron microscope he is one of the precious few professional photographers in the world who can both use scanning electron microscope and then create color images of stem cells.  The black and white image […]

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He Who Hesitates Has Lost

A skeleton walks into a doctor’s office. Doctor says, “Now you come to see me”? Those of you who have attended our seminars know that we advise, urge, stress, cajole, beg and even plead with photographers and models who are owed money by clients to get thee to a lawyer ASAP. There is no good […]

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Charity Should Start at Home

Yet again, we wouldn’t believe it, other than the fact we do believe it because it has happened before. Once more a photographer who apparently had his work infringed and thinks that having the infringer make a small charitable donation rather than pursue his rights in court is a good idea. Yeah, good (actually great) […]

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You Gotta Be Kidding Me

We got a link today from Katrin Eismann, pointing us to David Walker’s article in PDN regarding a second photographer finding an infringement and allowing the infringing company to make a $10,000 charitable donation.  Oh, this sounds warm and fuzzy, and feel good, but as photographers we’re being made fools of.   This could be […]

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At the Bottom of the Slippery Slope

We almost always tell this story at our live lectures and Ed appeared in a documentary film about photojournalism citing the importance of this event.  It has the same “new” meaning it had in seven years ago as it does today. Everything old is new again. Tragically, in 2006, a private plane piloted by New York […]

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Fairey Fairly Fortunate For Fibbing

The seemingly endless Shepard Fairey legal saga continued this past week in Federal Court in New York. Mr. Fairey, an illustrator and the creator of the “Obama Hope” poster, had been involved in a copyright infringement matter where – very long story, short – claims were made that his poster was a rip off of copyright registered […]

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Free Stuff!! Really?

We have always tried to remind our readers that copyright infringement is not without its flesh and blood victims.  Every time a photo, movie, illustration or artwork is stolen via copyright infringement someone is seriously harmed. The livelihoods and very financial existence of creators, is dependent upon the prevention of theft via downloading, scanning, copying […]

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