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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

There is a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain, who in turn erroneously attributed it himself to Benjamin Disraeli, which has been used by many,  and is absolutely one of our favorites. It goes: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”  This will be a blog article on statistics. Some in […]

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Copyright Registration Fees Going Up Today

Just a heads up, various copyright registration filing fees are going up today, May 1st. The one that will affect most photographers is the standard filing fee for collections of unpublished work, which is rising from $35 to $55. If you have one photo, by one photographer, then it stays at $35, but if you […]

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Why Register Your Copyright Before Infringement

Again, we find answering a question in comments is worthy of a blog post. We get asked the question many time, why register before an infringement, when one can still register after an infringement? If you register upon shooting/creation as unpublished or within the 3 month grace period for published work, and you work is […]

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The 96 Percent Solution

We had great turnouts for our three classes at Photoshop World in Orlando last week. The word is finally out that it is critical that professionals, amateurs and those who fall some where in between must register their work. Of the many people who attended our lectures and were obviously motivated to learn more about […]

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Ya’ Never Know – Matrimonial Style

We have talked and written about several instances where a seemingly meaningless image became valuable weeks, years or even decades after the photo was taken. Here’s the story of one that was shot at a very conventional wedding.  Real names, states and other identifiers have been changed or omitted. The facts are accurate and very uncomplicated. All […]

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