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Picasso Never Had a Day Rate

There is an oft-told story of Picasso drawing on a napkin. If you Google “Picasso Napkin Drawing” you’ll find endless variations of the story. Here’s the short version: Someone sees Picasso at a café and asks him to draw something on a napkin. Picasso complies and signs it. Pablo then says, “$25,000 please”. (Sometimes the […]

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Catch Us On The Grid

We did our live Grid gig with Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion yesterday and I must say, one of us was brilliant. The other one was, well…… ok. You can catch the episode at any time on    We’re the current video, episode 181. Seriously, as you can see by Scott and RC’s expressions below, […]

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Great News! $27,000 Payday

We seem to be posting a lot of hard stories and it’s great to post an uplifting story today.  It’s about a photographer who negotiated and got a $27,000 payday for one of his wedding photos.  It was first reported to be $18,000, but photographer/blogger John Mireles who first broke this story (read here) later […]

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