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Catch Us at Photoshop World April 10th

The two of us will be doing our act live, and without a net, on April 10th at Photoshop World in Atlanta. We start at 8:15am and go until 10:30. Two back to back sessions. We will cover a bunch of new developments in the news. Can you say Getty? And as we always have […]


Doing It Again in Vegas

Hey all- Just a reminder that we are taking our act on the road again at Photoshop World. We have three fun filled, informative programs there. Copyright on Sept 4th. Model releases and “Survive and Thrive” on Friday Sept. 6th. Lots of new material. If you’re there, as always we will hang around and answer […]


The 96 Percent Solution

We had great turnouts for our three classes at Photoshop World in Orlando last week. The word is finally out that it is critical that professionals, amateurs and those who fall some where in between must register their work. Of the many people who attended our lectures and were obviously motivated to learn more about […]

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Good News / Bad News

Just so y’all know, we sold out all of our supply of books at Photoshop World in Las Vegas. It was like watching locust devour a corn field. Fantastic.  So thanks to all you guys  and gals out there as it looks like our first print run of the Photographer’s Survival Manual has sold out.  […]

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