One of the current topics we’ve been talking about is the sad state of PhotoJournalists. Their days if not numbered are definitely being greatly diminished. It’s not a case of changing technology as many point at, but rather a field that is changing in ways that make jobs for real, full time photographers as scarce as chicken teeth. We know chicken teeth exist, we just have a real hard time finding any. Same with the current state of PhotoJournalists.

One of the issues that is helping put more than one nail into this coffin is the rise of “Citizen Journalists” and the advent of all the free content they provide news organizations without realizing the true value of what they provide. It’s the 21st Century equivalent of asking old Blues song writers to send in their songs to music publishers and getting “credit” in return. Not full credit all the time, sometimes just your first name and your location. “Blind Melon Jim from Chickenbone, Mississippi”. And if the song makes the publisher a million dollars from sales, “Blind Melon Jim” can bask in the glory of having his name mentioned. No money, but at least he has the glory of his friends in Chickenbone knowing it’s his song. The landlord and the diner still want cold cash, but hey, he still has the glory.

You think this doesn’t happen to photographers? It happens, sadly, every day. Many times every day. At many different levels.

Ed has one client that had valuable imagery and turned down a generous offer of “full and large” credit. Rather than get the glory offered, he got a check with six figures before the decimal place.

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Ed and Jack