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Image Lie Detectors

Heard of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) on TV? How could you not, it’s on like 24/7 in various forms? Well, now we have ISI (Image Scene Investigation), or at least that’s our name for a new company that is in the forefront in the new of image forensics. Image forensics is the “analysis of digital […]

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The Hidden Cost of Stealing

A rose by any other name still smells the same. We been talking recently and reading about many cases involving appropriation, adaptation, influence, sampling, remixing, reiterations, sequels, ganking, detournment , and reconfiguring.  We simply call it as we see it-  stealing. But at what cost these days? There is a cost to those who are […]

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Interesting Times

There is an old Jewish curse that simply goes “May you live in ‘interesting’ times”. Other industries, such as musicians, parallel photojournalists in a diminishing market for their talents.  We think it’s important to understand that photography is not alone and to look at other industries so we can spot similarities during these “interesting” times. […]

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Where have all the PhotoJournalists gone?

One of the current topics we’ve been talking about is the sad state of PhotoJournalists. Their days if not numbered are definitely being greatly diminished. It’s not a case of changing technology as many point at, but rather a field that is changing in ways that make jobs for real, full time photographers as scarce […]

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