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Watch Our Last B&H Event Space Presentation

Here are links, via Vimeo or Facebook, of our last B&H presentation “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Lawyer” It was mostly about lawyers for creative people. And if there are any questions, you can leave them here for us to answer. Vimeo: Facebook:    

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The $#*;% ! Million Dollar Comma

Of all punctuation marks, the lowly comma, that period with a tail, is one of the least impressive marks. It’s not like the emphatic exclamation (!) or the inquisitive question (?) or the definitive period (.). Comma means a pause and pauses are not exciting, but they are dramatic. But make no mistake, that lowly […]

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A Day At The Zoo, And What To Do

    This article first appeared as one of our first “Copyright Zone” columns in Photoshop User Magazine. It remains one of our most requested columns. It’s about the still hot topic of photographing in public and semi-public places. By the way, the surprised monkey photo was shot in the wild in Africa, since we […]

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Photos Are Forever, If You Have the Paperwork

A long retired successful photographer called Ed the other day for some advice. He/she has been out of touch with the business (by choice) and enjoys life pretty much doing nothing. Out of the blue photographer gets a phone call from Giant Ad Age Agency, “Hey remember that super ad campaign you did for (Major […]

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Back To The Future – Again

As a follow up relating to our “Back to the Future” article, Ed recently took the deposition of an employee of a large consumer company which maintains a stock library of photographs used by/or submitted to it for potential use over the years. Various documents were needed by it of and concerning an image, containing […]


Famous Last Words: I Can Do This Myself

For those of you who would do anything to avoid hiring a lawyer, we suggest that you pick up the September 2012 issue of Consumer Reports. CU rated three well-known DIY legal sites and found them to be no match for a pro even at the most simple tasks.  Photographers, illustrators and artists require the […]

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