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A Reader’s Question On A Claim of Copying

A reader of this blog, Gary Schubert posed a really good question in our comments section. It is one that we feel is a bit too complex for a short answer there, hence this piece. He asked why celebrity photographer Tyler Shields can get away with the often alleged copying of the work of others. […]

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Don’t Prince Make Our Brown Eyes Blue?

We’ve used our blue face image logo for many years to show how we keep saying the same things over and over until we’re blue in the face. Now, we’re reading so much that is inaccurate or incomplete in all forms of media that we are getting the blues – and we ain’t talking about the […]

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The Hidden Cost of Stealing

A rose by any other name still smells the same. We been talking recently and reading about many cases involving appropriation, adaptation, influence, sampling, remixing, reiterations, sequels, ganking, detournment , and reconfiguring.  We simply call it as we see it-  stealing. But at what cost these days? There is a cost to those who are […]

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