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Free Parking! But With a Catch

To post or not to post? That is the question. This was going to be a comment in reply to Damian in our “comments” area, but we decided it really warrants its own article.  Basically, the question is, “Just what rights do you give up in those social media Terms of Service (TOS) agreements”? To […]

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One of the Good Guys- Macduff Everton Interview

Something to enjoy this weekend. Macduff Everton is a fantastic photographer, a good friend, a really great guy, and one of Ed’s client’s to boot. We thought we’d share this interview from the Huffington Post we thought you’d enjoy. If you want to see “knock your socks off” travel images from one of National Geographic’s […]

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Free Photos!…Not Really

The War on Photographers Continues. This is an article we ran on another blog, but it’s such a great lead-in to the blog article that we’re posting tomorrow, we thought we’d run it here again. There is a famous story of Picasso, who was sitting in a Paris café, when a fan came up to […]

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