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Sign This, It’s Standard – Yeah, Right

  A major national magazine simply appropriates several images shot by a semi-professional photographer “from a small town”. Photographer sees his/her work on the cover of the well-known supermarket magazine while paying for groceries. Photographer contacts the Big City editor. “What the heck? No one contacted me or asked me if you could use my shots […]

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You Can Make It Up

Left Coast photographer Howard Rosenberg gets the credit for finding this beauty.  Our readers know that we are quite fond of the phrase, “You can’t make this stuff up” and we use it frequently in our workshops.  Here is proof that you can, in fact, make it up. Howard noted some discussions in a photo […]

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Instagram’s New and Updated TOS. Great News If You Own Their Stock.

The blogosphere is abuzz today with news that Instagram has updated and changed it’s Terms of Service (TOS) today. You can read it here. Basically, skip down to the rights section and you can read what we call a blatant rights grab by Instagram. They can use your images or even a photo of you […]

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NY Times rights grab

One of my clients asked me to point out in this space that today the NY Times online version (at least) is running a feature story on images voluntarily submitted to it APPARENTLY without payment. See Scroll down to “Pictures of the Decade”. The NY Times pleads for additional pix and posts the following […]

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