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If You Missed Our Webinar

If you’re kicking yourself because you missed our fabulous webinar on PhotoShelter yesterday “Copyright and Your Rights”, stop kicking right now. Here’s the link to view it. You just have to sign in with your email address (so they know you’re real and not a bot). Happy viewing. And if you have any questions, feel […]


Catch Us Live on PhotoShelter- A Free Webinar

Hey all – We’ll be doing a free live webinar on Wednesday May 25th from 4:00pm to 5:pm ET for PhotoShelter. I’m sure they’ll have it as a download later, but if you want to ask questions, experience it live. They have lots of room, but there is a limit they can have, so sign […]

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Willie Sutton- Bank Robber as Photographer?

The famed bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks?  He is oft quoted as answering, “Because that’s where the money is“. Simple enough, but profound enough that in the medical industry it’s known as “Sutton’s Law”. It states that when diagnosing, one should first consider the obvious. Easy enough, but many photographers simply […]

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