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Two Million Dollars (With Interest) Confirmed

We have written about Andrew Paul Leonard’s 1.6 million dollar jury award for actual damages arising out the infringement of his images by a company known as Stemtech. See our prior article here.  Mr. Leonard is a client of Ed’s but this case was handled by counsel in Delaware. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals just […]

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Svenson II

As we predicted, the NY appellate court has upheld the decision of the lower court in dismissing the claims of persons who were photographed without giving their written consent.  See our original piece: One Size Does Not Fit All , for the basic facts. In this New York case, brought under the New York Civil […]

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It Ain’t Over Till Its Over and This One Ain’t Over

As many of you know, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals has reversed in part and remanded in part, the decision made by Judge Batts in the case of Patrick Cariou v. Richard Prince.   Many lawyers have commented on the Court’s ruling but unfortunately many laypeople with no legal background, have chimed in to muddy the waters.  We […]

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