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A Salute to Our Photo Heroes

During this holiday season, we want everyone to remember those who work with cameras to keep us informed of what happens around the world. Democracy only works with an educated and informed population, which is why freedom of the press is one of our most important and cherished freedoms and rights. Whether professional photojournalists who […]

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Let’s Be Careful Out There

It is no secret that being a photojournalist in a war zone is about as dangerous an occupation as there is. These photographers risk life and limb and often receive little to no recognition for the risks they take to get a story.  Whether the battle zone are the cities in Syria, the streets of […]

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Toiling in Anonymity

We are fond of saying that “Mr. Getty” and “Ms. Corbis” are the world’s most prolific photographers. After all they seem to be in hundreds of places at the same time taking newsworthy pictures and taking credit for them.  Agencies are loath to post the names of actual photographers and give them credit for various […]

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Interesting Times

There is an old Jewish curse that simply goes “May you live in ‘interesting’ times”. Other industries, such as musicians, parallel photojournalists in a diminishing market for their talents.  We think it’s important to understand that photography is not alone and to look at other industries so we can spot similarities during these “interesting” times. […]

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Where have all the PhotoJournalists gone?

One of the current topics we’ve been talking about is the sad state of PhotoJournalists. Their days if not numbered are definitely being greatly diminished. It’s not a case of changing technology as many point at, but rather a field that is changing in ways that make jobs for real, full time photographers as scarce […]

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