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Images On The Internet Now “Fair Use”? – It Ain’t Necessarily So

Journalists who have covered wars are well aware of the cliche’ “First reports are always wrong”.  Porgy and Bess put it this way, “It ain’t necessarily so.” Those two old sayings recently came to mind when we read the court decision that was recently headlined and clickbaited in various ways as “Photos on the Internet are […]

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The Alleged Educational Fair Use Defense

An oft discussed and frequently misunderstood “defense” to copyright infringement is commonly referred to as the ‘educational use’ exception. There are few court decisions that are binding, where the use of a copyrighted work in what appears to be an educational piece but is really employed for the purpose of promoting a personal business or service did not qualify under the fair use exception even though Ed has had many of […]

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Creepy Crawler Gets Stepped On – Fair Use Fails

The almost reflexive cry of “fair use” is often employed upon receipt of a claim of copyright infringement.  The response has the benefits of being short and sounding definitive.  As we have frequently stated, most often the defense does not apply in the overwhelming majority of copyright infringement cases. The following case is not a […]

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