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Stay Out Of My Territory – Walter White’s Pizza

Model releases have taken up a lot of real estate, a lot of ink, in our lectures and writings. Location releases, not so much. Many people think they are not needed, as the consent is “obvious” and/or “assumed”. We’re not going to go into that chestnut about the word, assume.  Some think that those who […]

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A Day At The Zoo, And What To Do

    This article first appeared as one of our first “Copyright Zone” columns in Photoshop User Magazine. It remains one of our most requested columns. It’s about the still hot topic of photographing in public and semi-public places. By the way, the surprised monkey photo was shot in the wild in Africa, since we […]

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Location Booby Prize

Here’s another high profile example of why we preach that obtaining property and location agreements is a wise practice. Photographer Allen Henson has been working on a photo project featuring topless women in public places. The New York Daily News and countless other media outlets have covered his exploits for obvious reasons – puns intended. On […]

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We Guess She Needed a Property Release

According to the good folks at, the current Miss Universe faces hefty fines and a possible jail sentence for an unsanctioned photo shoot, shot at the Taj Mahal. Read their article here. Looks like they were promoting and/or advertising a shoe brand. Real Estate brokers are fond of stating that, “The first three rules […]

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