That’s right, we’ll be at B&H again, live streaming out act on Thursday Sept 13th, from 4:00 to 6:00pm.

It’s starting to feel like we’re the house band trying out our new material. We’ll try and take questions online, but the B&H connection was a bit wonky last time, so no guarantees.
The description is below. As you can see we’ll be discussing the “Internet Fair Use” case and going over in detail the new copyright registration steps. And more. You never know where we wander to and what might come up in the news between now and then.

So fun for all. Register early and often with the following link:


“Photos on the Internet Now Fair Use” and other misconceptions.

Reading and then reacting to headlines, partial stories, rumors, and Internet chat room experts is why many photographers seem to leave their brains in their gadget bags when it comes to really evaluating what is in the news. Headline after headline that blasted out “Photos Are Now Fair Use” mislead and confused most people about this case. In this sessions, Lawyer Ed Greenberg and commercial photographer and photographer advocate Jack Reznicki will once again, talk until they are blue in the face, as they clarify and illuminate that case and many other tangled legal, business, and ethical issues and questions facing photographers in the 21st Century. Also discussed will be the new copyright registration procedures, (including a step by step guide to registering your photographs), model releases, and other topics.