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Links to our last B&H Q&A&Q on AI Legal Issues

In case you missed our last presentation and have an hour to kill, here are some links to our last Q&A&Q:  

Q&A&Q Number 15 coming up June 7th

At it again, we’re doing our 15th B&H Event Space Q&A&Q session on June 7 at 3:00 to 4:00PM ET. Here’s the description and the registration link. As always- it’s free. Thought copyright issues was confusing, let’s toss in Artificial Intelligence imagery into the mix and watch the confusion level rise exponentially. Dall E, Midjourney […]

View Our 14th Q&A&Q Presentation from December 14, 2022 – Good Stuff!

Here is the link to our 14th B&H Event Space Q&A&Q session. The majority was on Artificial Intelligence (AI) produced images.  

Rescheduled Q&A&Q December 14th at 3pm ET

We had to skip our Q&A&Q session last month because of a scheduling conflict that came up. Stuff happens. But we’re at it again. Lot of great subjects have been coming up, a lot with Artificial Intelligence image generators and copyright. Here’s the description and the link to sign up at the bottom. Again, it’s […]

The AI Lipstick On A Pig Talk – Our 14th Free Q&A&Q Session On Nov 15th at 3:00PM ET

A B&H live Q&A&Q presentation on November 15th at 3:00pm ET. We’ll be covering a lot of current issues and court cases and a bunch on Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated images and copyright.

Link to SCOTUS audio of Warhol v Goldsmith

Lynn Goldsmith’s case with the Warhol Foundation will have oral arguments in the US Supreme Court, Wednesday Oct 12th at 10am. This will have a huge impact in our industry, no matter the outcome. It can be wonderful for photographers or a disaster. If you miss it and want to hear, you can hear the […]

Another B&H Q&A&Q Presentation Sept 8th

Our 13th B&H Q&A&Q presentation this Thursday, September 8th, live at 3:00PM ET Here is the link to join (and to ask questions): And the description: Is there anything more confusing than talking to a lawyer who starts in a foreign language known as “lawyerese”? If you feel that way, then you’ve come to […]

“99% of all Lawyers Give the Rest a Bad Name” – Steven Wright

If you get a letter from a lawyer, again, DO NOT ANSWER IT YOURSELF. See a trusted local lawyer. Here the client almost paid $5,000 for nothing other than to fill the pockets of some lawyers preying on the uninformed.

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Never Trust And Always Verify

Apologies to Mr. Reagan, but in the world of copyright authors ought trust nobody but themselves when it comes to registering their work. We get – on average – two inquiries per week which are variations of the following scenario: An author or contributor of photos or illustrations contained in (usually) a book, have entered into an […]

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Q&A&Q Number 12 in the Series – August 10th at 3:00pm ET

We’re doing another Copyright Q&A&Q, Number 12 in the series, at the B&H Event Space online. This Wednesday 8/10/22 at 3:00PM ET. Some great topics like implied consent, artificial intelligence and copyright, a new circuit court ruling regarding discovery that affects photographers (in a good way). And more. Not your usual copyright discussions. And free! […]