It is impossible for us to effectively cover the seemingly endless saga of attorney Richard Liebowitz. First off, we simply don’t have investigators and reporters on staff to do the amount of research and digging necessary to cover the exploits of his actions and/or what effect they have had on his staggering number of cases. Secondly, Ed has been had countless legally privileged conversations with judges, attorneys and others the contents of which can not be disclosed in whole or in part.

The most recent “you can’t this stuff up” chapter was covered quite well by a website which relies heavily on court documents to help preserve its journalistic integrity. See their story at:

In two other story links at, while they strong language, they do a great research and use backup court documents in it’s informative articles at:


There is also Torrentfreak’s article at:

An important clarification for any reader who reads too fast or one that might be confused, the criminal lawyer Richard Greenberg, who is representing Richard Liebowitz is not related to or associated in any way with our own lawyer Edward Greenberg, the co-author of this blog.

So the question for artists and photographers who may not have the resources to avoid bombastic claims from lawyers looking for clients is how do you find reputable lawyers? We recommend starting with the suggestions we give on this blog in our article: Not A Lawyer, The RIGHT Lawyer at  Also read the links within that article. And our book “The Copyright Zone” has advice and guidelines on hiring a lawyer.

Your attorney’s reputation in front of specific judges at every/any courthouse in America directly reflects on you as a litigant and the quality of your case. Like it or not, fair or not, your attorney’s reputation for being knowledgeable about the facts of the case, applicable law, rules of the court and those of that particular judge are crucial to the outcome of all cases.

A direct quote from Ed, “A lawyer who is inept, unprepared, unskilled, sleazy, deceptive, an alcoholic or drug addict, been fined or sanctioned by another judge becomes known to all court personnel in no time. A bad reputation spreads in any courthouse faster than in any middle school in America. The lawyer you choose represents you. His/her reputation affects your ability to achieve the result to which you are entitled”. That’s his quote for publication. If you talk to Ed directly you will see and hear that he uses far more colorful words in plain English to say the same thing.

Lawyers who bring hundreds of infringement cases diminish the value of ALL copyright cases. Judges are sick of hearing and dealing with disputes that would have been resolved without litigation (as the majority of infringement cases are), if both parties had been represented by competent, experienced attorneys. Some attorneys are so dumb as to boast about the extraordinary number of cases they have filed. This indicates to any adversary and/or judge that the attorney likely does not fulfill the legal requirement to perform due diligence to verify the client’s claims and/or makes no effort to resolve the matter short of litigation and/or is simply incompetent.

So in the end, choose wisely Grasshopper. And follow us for what will likely be more installments in the ongoing Liebowitz Chronicles.