The two of us, Ed and Jack, are devoting their B&H talk on Wednesday June 9th at 5:00 ET on model and other release issues.
We will answer questions you might have about what wording to have in a model release, model and non-model releases, releases for pets, buildings, the importance of location releases in this age of Covid, and Ed’s favorite – issues with photographing cars. Also discussed will be some exceptions and show two specific court cases where a release for selling prints was not needed. And why your milage might vary. Along with answering questions from viewers  also covered will be some myths about releases, including some that even confuse lawyers, like that a release is not a contract. As always, we will try to explain complex legal issues and information in plain English (as much as that’s possible with legal issues) and in our fun and engaging manner.

As always at B&H, it’s free. Sign up here: