We’re at it again on March 8th at 5:00pm to 6:00pm (ET) Another B&H Q&A&Q session where we go over many new topics and answer questions you have. (You can leave questions here or during the session).

It’s FREE and you can register at this link or follow live on Facebook if you follow the B&H Event Space.

Below is the description, but we will most likely start with the recent SCOTUS on Copyright Registration. It’s a biggie, so we’ll lead off with that.

In this session photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer/litigator Ed Greenberg will cover many copyright and legal issues that artists seem to be scared to ask. Here’s your chance to ask two people who actually know the answers. They will be covering real issues for real estate photographers, NFT issues, when does copyright become public domain, trademark issues, and new issues found in recent court cases in the news. So come and listen and ask questions for an informative and entertaining hour as always.