We had to skip our Q&A&Q session last month because of a scheduling conflict that came up. Stuff happens. But we’re at it again. Lot of great subjects have been coming up, a lot with Artificial Intelligence image generators and copyright. Here’s the description and the link to sign up at the bottom. Again, it’s Wednesday, December 14th at 3:00PM ET.

Like a pair of bad pennies, Photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer/litigator Ed Greenberg, are returning to B&H for their 14th edition of Q&A&Q to go over legal issues in the arts and more. Jack and Ed are always entertaining, funny, informative and understandable. With The Supreme Court hearing the Warhol vs Goldsmith case in October, copyright issues involving the fast growing (and confusing) legal area of AI art, and so many other legal issues in photography and the arts that come up in the news, this should be a packed hour of information. Feel free to submit before hand any questions you have (and are scared to ask) or ask live during the session, including any basic copyright questions. Come, listen, engage, and learn. Like chicken soup, it couldn’t hurt.