Heard of CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) on TV? How could you not, it’s on like 24/7 in various forms? Well, now we have ISI (Image Scene Investigation), or at least that’s our name for a new company that is in the forefront in the new of image forensics. Image forensics is the “analysis of digital images to determine their origin, editing history, and authenticity, or to reveal latent details that might be hard to discover with the naked eye.” While we like ISI, they actually have a much better name “Fourandsix”.

Get it? 4 and 6, forensics? OK, so they may not be doing standup in Vegas, but founders Kevin Conner and Hany Farid, PhD,  are two heavyweights in the area of digital images. Kevin was the long time product manager at Adobe, over seeing Photoshop, Lightroom, and Elements. Hany is referred to in the industry as the “father” of digital image forensics.

Check out both their interesting website and this great article titled Photo Tampering Throughout History  It has wonderful examples of faked photos from the early days of photography until today. A wonderful and informative compilation of fakes and forgeries.

While any photographer worth their salt knows that photos can lie, Fourandsix will be the detectives that act as a visual lie detector. Check ‘em out.