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Catch Us Live on PhotoShelter- A Free Webinar

Hey all – We’ll be doing a free live webinar on Wednesday May 25th from 4:00pm to 5:pm ET for PhotoShelter. I’m sure they’ll have it as a download later, but if you want to ask questions, experience it live. They have lots of room, but there is a limit they can have, so sign […]

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Catch Us On The Grid

We did our live Grid gig with Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion yesterday and I must say, one of us was brilliant. The other one was, well…… ok. You can catch the episode at any time on    We’re the current video, episode 181. Seriously, as you can see by Scott and RC’s expressions below, […]

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Finished Our New Kelby One Copyright Class

Hey all, we both finished taping our updated Copyright class at Kelby One. A lot of new stuff and went over the new screens for registering at the Copyright Office. We’ll let you know when it’s up. We both thought that one of us was brilliant. Below is a photo of us on set.

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Our New Book- Yay!

So the two of us have been a bit light on posting the last 2 months. (Hanging head in shame). But there’s been a great reason (Hold head high and proud). We just handed in the last edit of our new book, with a new publisher, Focal Press. It’s an big update, with twice the […]


Our Lastest B&H Lecture Video

Our B&H lecture is now up on YouTube here. It was up last week, but our blog was down then and it’s now all corrected. Check out the video. Lots of new stuff.


Catch Us at B&H May 21st

Hey All- the two of us will be at the B&H Event Space on May 21st from 4pm to 6pm. The usual informative song and dance from us, and we’ll take questions from the audience. We’ll also cover current events, including some interesting new cases. These sessions are always fun. Well, it is for us. […]

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Catch Us on TWiP This Week

We both had a great time talking with Frederic Van Johnson on the This Week in Photography (TWiP) podcast, #278. Some of the topics we covered: “Why should I sign before I shoot?” “What about those model release apps for my Android, iPhone or iPad?” “Is a model release a contract?” “What are 3 steps […]

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Ed and Jack Lecture at Hallmark Institute

We had a great time on Friday, October 19th, giving a 4 hour lecture to the photography students at Hallmark Institute of Photography. We always seem to do good in institutions. Students were great and asked a lot of wonderful, thought provoking questions. Topics covered were mostly copyright and release issues, but as usual, we […]

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Our NIK Webinar Now Up for Viewing

For those that missed our terrific (if we say so ourselves) live NIK webinar a few weeks ago, the recorded version is now up on the NIK website here. We’ll be doing more of these with different photography website and will post any additional ones here. So stay tuned.

Free Webinar August 15th

We’re at it again. We’re doing an encore free one hour webinar with our friends at NIK software on August 15th. It’s free again, but you do have to pre-register. Last time we didn’t have enough time to answer questions, so this time we’re asking for questions beforehand and will devote half the webinar to […]

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