In November a few thousand attorneys, licensing executives and IP personnel will gather in Chicago for three days of seminars on, “Mastering the Next Wave of Marketing Law”. Speakers from many of the numerous prestigious law firms located across this great land that typically represent media companies, publishers and companies that license intellectual property will give the benefit of their experiences. We know many of these law firms having litigated against them.

Attendees will pay $1,500 – $2,500 excluding expenses to attend.  Why, you may ask, do we bring this to your attention? Because this seminar is largely about people like you.

By the end of this conference a few million dollars will be spent learning about issues such as: emerging technologies, advertising through social media, privacy, digital content, defending against lawsuits involving intellectual property and so on.  Well heeled attorneys and other IP people are being sent at considerable expense to listen to and take advice from other well paid experts so as to be better prepared to play defense if people like you should dare to assert their rights. They are spending lots of time and money preparing and honing their defenses and strategies. They are getting prepared and being smart, very smart.

We covered a small local such gathering in our previous article titled Head Fakes and Other Lawyer Tactics. That was for a few dozen lawyers done locally. This is the same type of a gathering of lawyers, but thousands not dozens, and national not local.

It should be obvious to all of our readers that these Fortune 500 companies and their attorneys believe that this money is very well invested.  If you ever stop thinking that your copyrights aren’t worth very much, let your thoughts go to all of those suits spending three days in Chicago at considerable cost.  Trust us, they are spending lots of time and money thinking about your intellectual property.

So the lawyers are getting their ducks in a row against future copyright cases that they know photographers and artists will be bring forth in the future. Where are your ducks?