We just read an article by fine art photographer Kalliope Amorphous on her blog titled “A Warning To Photographers And Artists Regarding Image Rights International”

It’s a first person account regarding her experience with Image Rights. As we keep saying, read the Terms of Service (TOS) of the various search firms that have been popping up, and you’ll find out you now have someone with their hands deep into your pockets. Photographers are made to think that registering their copyright is difficult or working with a lawyer yourself is painful, so they will make it easy and simple, with rainbows and lollipops. What happens is you get pennies to what should be your dollars and all you can afford is lollipops instead of full meals.

We think this is a good read about one person’s direct experience. With her permission, here’s the link.

Also, the two of us have written a guest blog piece on Scott Kelby’s blog that covers this subject. The blog piece starts with the Copyright Office changes and then we cover these “Search and Settle” companies that appear to be “free” until you read the fine print. Our piece will run on Wednesday, February 21st. Check it out when it’s out.