Our friend Matthias Hombauer just posted a discussion we had on his “How to be a Rockstar Photographer” podcast.
It was a lively discussion about the issues we constantly talk about until we’re “blue in the face”.
The discussion was so good, that rather than cut anything it was broken up into two parts. Here’s the link to part 1 :

HTBARP 87 Edward Greenberg and Jack Reznicki: Copyright For Photographers

Part 2 will be uploaded next week.

The interesting back story on this was that our friend Steve Brazill emailed Jack one morning to introduce him to Matthias, and Jack replied that it would have to wait because he was off that night to catch a plane to Vienna. It turns out that Matthias lives in Vienna and they were able to meet and have coffee in a nice Viennese cafe a few days later. File that under “Yes, Virginia, it’s a small world after all”.