Looks like we’re on B&H’s Event Space Zoom/Facebook broadcasts every month. This month we’re going to cover some interesting topics and as always, taking questions. But you can always ask us questions here.

Here’s the description and signup link for the January session:

A&Q&A | Legal Issues in the News

Photographer Jack Reznicki and IP lawyer Ed Greenberg go over issues that have popped up in the news this month, along with late breaking news as we see it. Issues such as information about the new CASE Act that people may be missing, recent changes in the New York State Right of Privacy laws that effects model releases (which also goes beyond New York State), a “sock-puppet” type Internet scam, and also questions regarding specifics in copyright registration. They will be taking questions from the audience as they go. As always, they explain complex legal issues and information in plain English (as much as possible with legal issues) and in their fun and engaging manner.
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Passcode: 106514