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Copyright 101 – Plain and Simple

We get so many questions about the nuances of copyright law that we feel it never hurts to address the basics. While saying “I’ve been ripped off” is a perfectly descriptive term, it is not a legal one. The Copyright Law classifies what most people call “stealing” as falling into one or more of four categories […]


Time To Register – Fees Rising

The Copyright Office has announced new fee structures, effective May 1st. You can read the entire PDF list here.  Basically, registration of collections is rising from $35 to $55 on May 1st. That’s quite a jump, so we highly recommend to register all those images you were putting off registering, during the month of April.  […]

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Our B&H Lecture on YouTube

Our lecture at B&H on copyright and model release issues is up on YouTube. Click here to see it. We rant and rave, laugh and cry, sing and dance as usual, for just under two hours.(That’s metaphorical  singing and dancing. Be thankful we don’t do either in the video). It was actually a lot of […]

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Free Webinar August 15th

We’re at it again. We’re doing an encore free one hour webinar with our friends at NIK software on August 15th. It’s free again, but you do have to pre-register. Last time we didn’t have enough time to answer questions, so this time we’re asking for questions beforehand and will devote half the webinar to […]

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Ed is Heard All the Way to DC

We are have both worked for decades on making it easier for creatives to use the Federal Courts to get money from infringers – especially the big corporate ones.  See this blog article from APA. Keep fingers crossed and keep writing to your federal elected officials because crossing your fingers won’t get the job done. […]

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Big Boys to Make Millions, Photographers Peanuts

This is from a New York Daily News Gossip section, but funny how these things turn out to be more than just gossip. The Daily News is reporting that Getty’s celebrity photo division, WireImages, might be in play to be bought by the Reuters Group, who has no such celeb photo division.  You can read […]

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