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View Our 14th Q&A&Q Presentation from December 14, 2022 – Good Stuff!

Here is the link to our 14th B&H Event Space Q&A&Q session. The majority was on Artificial Intelligence (AI) produced images.  

Rescheduled Q&A&Q December 14th at 3pm ET

We had to skip our Q&A&Q session last month because of a scheduling conflict that came up. Stuff happens. But we’re at it again. Lot of great subjects have been coming up, a lot with Artificial Intelligence image generators and copyright. Here’s the description and the link to sign up at the bottom. Again, it’s […]

The AI Lipstick On A Pig Talk – Our 14th Free Q&A&Q Session On Nov 15th at 3:00PM ET

A B&H live Q&A&Q presentation on November 15th at 3:00pm ET. We’ll be covering a lot of current issues and court cases and a bunch on Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated images and copyright.

Link to SCOTUS audio of Warhol v Goldsmith

Lynn Goldsmith’s case with the Warhol Foundation will have oral arguments in the US Supreme Court, Wednesday Oct 12th at 10am. This will have a huge impact in our industry, no matter the outcome. It can be wonderful for photographers or a disaster. If you miss it and want to hear, you can hear the […]

Another B&H Q&A&Q Presentation Sept 8th

Our 13th B&H Q&A&Q presentation this Thursday, September 8th, live at 3:00PM ET Here is the link to join (and to ask questions): And the description: Is there anything more confusing than talking to a lawyer who starts in a foreign language known as “lawyerese”? If you feel that way, then you’ve come to […]

“99% of all Lawyers Give the Rest a Bad Name” – Steven Wright

If you get a letter from a lawyer, again, DO NOT ANSWER IT YOURSELF. See a trusted local lawyer. Here the client almost paid $5,000 for nothing other than to fill the pockets of some lawyers preying on the uninformed.

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Never Trust And Always Verify

Apologies to Mr. Reagan, but in the world of copyright authors ought trust nobody but themselves when it comes to registering their work. We get – on average – two inquiries per week which are variations of the following scenario: An author or contributor of photos or illustrations contained in (usually) a book, have entered into an […]

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Q&A&Q Number 12 in the Series – August 10th at 3:00pm ET

We’re doing another Copyright Q&A&Q, Number 12 in the series, at the B&H Event Space online. This Wednesday 8/10/22 at 3:00PM ET. Some great topics like implied consent, artificial intelligence and copyright, a new circuit court ruling regarding discovery that affects photographers (in a good way). And more. Not your usual copyright discussions. And free! […]

We’re At It Again May 4th 5:00-6:00pm ET

Another free B&H Event Place Q&A&Q session on May 4th at 5:00pm ET. Did we remember to say FREE!?? We’ll be going over whatever questions come in, but if they don’t, we’ll go over some lawyer issues.  Good and bad. What to look for hiring a lawyer, what to ask, what do lawyers look for […]

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B&H Q&A&Q on March 8, 2022 at 5PM ET

We’re at it again on March 8th at 5:00pm to 6:00pm (ET) Another B&H Q&A&Q session where we go over many new topics and answer questions you have. (You can leave questions here or during the session). It’s FREE and you can register at this link or follow live on Facebook if you follow the […]