The blogosphere is abuzz today with news that Instagram has updated and changed it’s Terms of Service (TOS) today. You can read it here. Basically, skip down to the rights section and you can read what we call a blatant rights grab by Instagram. They can use your images or even a photo of you and even your name in ads.  They can license your photos to Pepsi, or Nike, Toyota, or anyone they want, charge a fortune and your cut is ziltch, zip, nada, nothing. Good business model. For them. Free content, real money. One of the fine print we love is that they state if you are underage, you are claiming your parents give consent. Right. At least they let you keep ownership of your own photos, they just take any and all rights they need to make a buck.

So use Instagram and make their stock owners and investors rich. You get “exposure”. See how many lattes that buys at the coffee shop. We’ll guess ziltch, zip, nada, nothing.