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Still Working For Free?

We have over three plus decades repeatedly written, urged, cajoled, screamed, advised, suggested and prodded members of the photography and illustration communities to never work for free.  There isn’t an argument or rationalization against that position that we haven’t heard a hundred times.  Now someone has made many of the same arguments that we have […]

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Commenting on Comments

Every racetrack, casino, sports book bookie and dog track operates on the very same time tested business model – that people armed with all sorts of data and past history, are rarely able to correctly predict the outcome of future events. These failed efforts come from laypeople as well as experts who have immersed themselves […]

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Ya’ Never Know – Matrimonial Style

We have talked and written about several instances where a seemingly meaningless image became valuable weeks, years or even decades after the photo was taken. Here’s the story of one that was shot at a very conventional wedding.  Real names, states and other identifiers have been changed or omitted. The facts are accurate and very uncomplicated. All […]

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Trust But Verify or Lose Your Shirt

Again relying solely on a story appearing in The NY Post. Click here to read. It is claimed that “Famed Photographer David LaChapelle Sues his Ex-manager for 2.8 million dollars”.  We don’t know if there is any validity to the claims. We do know that reps, agents, managers, gallery owners and agencies which sell or […]

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Instagram’s New and Updated TOS. Great News If You Own Their Stock.

The blogosphere is abuzz today with news that Instagram has updated and changed it’s Terms of Service (TOS) today. You can read it here. Basically, skip down to the rights section and you can read what we call a blatant rights grab by Instagram. They can use your images or even a photo of you […]

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Video: Facebook Law For Idiots

This video from is soooo perfect in explaining the issues with the recent Facebook privacy notice hoax. We think it’s perfect and on mark because it’s done in the same tone as we use at our lectures. Presenting this type of information can be so dry it makes your hair hurt. Or it can […]

Facebook Privacy Notice: Hoax of the Day

To follow up on our Flickr piece, there is a lot of buzz today on protecting yourself on Facebook by placing a “Facebook Privacy Notice” on your Facebook Timeline.  So tons of people are doing that. After all, they read it on the Internet, so it must be true. It’s a complete hoax.  Here is […]

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Toiling in Anonymity

We are fond of saying that “Mr. Getty” and “Ms. Corbis” are the world’s most prolific photographers. After all they seem to be in hundreds of places at the same time taking newsworthy pictures and taking credit for them.  Agencies are loath to post the names of actual photographers and give them credit for various […]

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Another One Bites the Dust

As reported in, like Flickr yesterday, the photo site 500px is adding an option to tag your images with a Creative Commons (or as we like to call it, Creative Confusion) license. We again will say we find this a terrible option for photographers. That is unless you have a large trust fund or […]

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Maybe We Are Just Skeptical, But…

Our favorite quote arising from the Shepard Fairey sentencing, was from the CEO of the Associated Press (AP), Gary Pruitt. Mr. Pruitt reportedly stated: “We hope this case will serve as a clear reminder to all of the importance of fair compensation for those who gather and produce original news content.” We love this quote […]