Does Your Cat Have His Papers?

“The past increases, the future recedes. Possibilities decreasing, regrets mounting.” Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance We use this quote as it fits well to frame a recent law past in New York State legislature, “A.9004/S.6903″ which prohibits exhibitors of big cats, tigers, jaguars, panthers and cougars (a/k/a mountain lions) from allowing the public to have […]

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The Myths of Infringement

  While wrapping up and doing the final edits for our next book we came across several myths and mythconceptions which some photographers inexplicably hold dear. Here are some of these misguided beliefs which we have followed with a “straightener”.   MYTH: An award of statutory damages for copyright infringement must have some relationship to the […]

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State of Confusion

A while back we did a piece about New York photographer, Arne Svenson, who photographed his neighbors in their apartments through their open windows and without their permission. A couple whose children had been photographed in their apartment, sued him. You can read the whole story here if you missed it the first time. Short […]

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

There is a famous quote attributed to Mark Twain, who in turn erroneously attributed it himself to Benjamin Disraeli, which has been used by many,  and is absolutely one of our favorites. It goes: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”  This will be a blog article on statistics. Some in […]

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Our New Book- Yay!

So the two of us have been a bit light on posting the last 2 months. (Hanging head in shame). But there’s been a great reason (Hold head high and proud). We just handed in the last edit of our new book, with a new publisher, Focal Press. It’s an big update, with twice the […]


The Intern Ate My Homework

For most people who are familiar with snow, July and August means hot, lazy days at a beach or pool with an adult beverage in hand. For Ed it is all that and more.  Summer is the season when copyright infringers and their lawyers blame summer interns for…well, for just about everything. In July alone […]

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Happy Birthday Without Fear

A few years ago, Jack was in a men’s room in the Atlanta Airport and noticed the water faucet playing a tune when it turned on. It played the familiar “Happy Birthday To You” tune. He smiled, as he knew right away that its recommended best practice, that you wash your hands for the length […]

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Our Lastest B&H Lecture Video

Our B&H lecture is now up on YouTube here. It was up last week, but our blog was down then and it’s now all corrected. Check out the video. Lots of new stuff.


Casting Light on The Amazon Patent on Lighting

Much confusion and consternation has been caused by Amazon’s securing a patent for itself on a lighting arrangement that has been in widespread use by photographers for at least three decades. See: PetaPixel Link here- The patent is in the opinion of every patent attorney we have consulted (both in this office and elsewhere), […]

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Copyright 101 – Plain and Simple

We get so many questions about the nuances of copyright law that we feel it never hurts to address the basics. While saying “I’ve been ripped off” is a perfectly descriptive term, it is not a legal one. The Copyright Law classifies what most people call “stealing” as falling into one or more of four categories […]