Let Us Count The Ways….

Recently a federal judge in New York who happens to see Ed and his associate in his courtroom with some frequency, asked a pretty good question. Paraphrased the inquiry was, “How would you categorize the types of infringement claims and cases that have been coming into your office”? So Ed did an informal inventory of […]

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Our Turners Falls MA Gig

We will be doing our yearly Copyright and Negotiating lecture this Tuesday morning, May 19th at Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, MA. It’s a wonderful photography school with a great history and facility. We love speaking there. Even though this is for their students, if anyone is in the area and would like […]

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Two – Count Them – Two Videos

We have two videos released this week. The first is a 1 hour and 52 minute class on copyright on KelbyOne. If you’re a KelbyOne subscriber, do check it out, we’d appreciate it. We updated our old Kelby class with a bunch of new stuff and an updated step by step registration. The Copyright Office […]

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Get Up, Stand Up

Here’s your chance to be heard in Washington regarding copyright issues (one of our favorite topics, believe it or not). The Copyright Office itself is seeking comments from photographers. Or as they say, they’re requesting “written comments on how certain visual works, particularly photographs, graphic artworks, and illustrations, are monetized, enforced, and registered under the […]

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Sign This, It’s Standard – Yeah, Right

  A major national magazine simply appropriates several images shot by a semi-professional photographer “from a small town”. Photographer sees his/her work on the cover of the well-known supermarket magazine while paying for groceries. Photographer contacts the Big City editor. “What the heck? No one contacted me or asked me if you could use my shots […]

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They Lie

For about the past 50 years or so the mantra spouted by mainstream media has been that, unlike say The National Enquirer,  “We don’t pay for news”. Typically this was the answer given to photographers (and others) who were in possession of timely and valuable images or footage which they want to sell or license. All […]

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Our Webinar On TWiP’s Street Focus Is Up

If you have the time and inclination, the upload of our webinar on TWiP’s Street Focus. Get it? Street photography, street focus. We like it. Anyway, here is the link. Check it out and let us know what ya’all think.       Like this:Like Loading…

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Svenson II

As we predicted, the NY appellate court has upheld the decision of the lower court in dismissing the claims of persons who were photographed without giving their written consent.  See our original piece: One Size Does Not Fit All , for the basic facts. In this New York case, brought under the New York Civil […]

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A Day At The Zoo, And What To Do

    This article first appeared as one of our first “Copyright Zone” columns in Photoshop User Magazine. It remains one of our most requested columns. It’s about the still hot topic of photographing in public and semi-public places. By the way, the surprised monkey photo was shot in the wild in Africa, since we […]

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If You Missed Our Webinar

If you’re kicking yourself because you missed our fabulous webinar on PhotoShelter yesterday “Copyright and Your Rights”, stop kicking right now. Here’s the link to view it. You just have to sign in with your email address (so they know you’re real and not a bot). Happy viewing. And if you have any questions, feel […]


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